The Art of Leadership

Organizations face unprecedented uncertainty and chaos in today’s complex global marketplace. Navigating this dynamic environment successfully requires a new way of leading. Although business acumen, strategic thinking and technical expertise are essential, these challenging times call for leaders to develop competencies like self-awareness, authenticity, collaborative thinking, creativity, empathy, and mindfulness.

Leadership Development and Coaching

Our approach to developing leaders

Leadership starts at the top, but we believe truly successful organizations develop leadership competencies in every employee, at every level in the organization. The resulting culture of leadership allows leaders to fully empower their people and draw from the collective wisdom of the organization to solve business challenges.

Individual development

We provide one-on-one executive coaching to help leaders identify their development needs and put into practice new behaviors and competencies that move performance to a higher level.

Through dialogue and intense listening on our part, we design custom development programs using an integral approach that takes into account all of the dynamics — behavioral, relational / social, physical, and environmental / technological — that make us whole human beings. We help leaders:

  • Develop enduring leadership competencies, including emotional and social intelligence
  • Optimize one-on-one working relationships
  • Maximize their ability to lead effective teams
  • Engage and empower their workforce and broader constituencies in developing and implementing sustainable business solutions

Team development

We use small-group facilitated sessions to support executive and project teams in defining team success factors and practices required to support and sustain executing strategies.

Specifically, H+A helps teams to:

  • Define shared team goals and direction
  • Identify roles and responsibilities
  • Attract and develop talented members
  • Develop operating processes
  • Establish metrics and reinforcement systems
  • Create productive interpersonal relationships (between team members and with external stakeholders)

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