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The mission of Hufano + Associates is to support executives in having the difficult conversations required to establish organizational strategy and to help them develop the behaviors and skills, both at the individual and team level, necessary to lead their people through change and transition to achieve strategic goals.

Who We Are

Cy Hufano is the owner of Hufano + Associates, a firm he founded to support leaders of large organizations in dealing effectively with change and transition.

Cy has 35 years of extensive health industry and business experience at the national and regional level. He was an executive in hospital operations for 20 years and has worked as a consultant for the past 15 years, providing expertise in areas such as organization development, change/transition management, collaborative work/large group facilitation, and coaching for leadership teams and individual executives.

As a partner in the Healthcare Practice of Ernst & Young, Cy was also the healthcare industry lead for the Accelerated Solutions Environment, a business unit that delivered large group facilitated sessions to Fortune 500 clients.

Cy has a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration and a Master of Science in Organizational Behavior and Development from Eastern Michigan University.

Enneagram Sr Member



Elise Hufano, Managing Director of Hufano+Associates, has a strong background in all aspects of managing organizational change and development initiatives. She brings a broad range of education and work experience to developing individual, interpersonal, group, and enterprise communication strategies to maximize organizational effectiveness and employee engagement.

Elise brings an understanding of both the “hard” aspects of planning for organizational change as well as the “soft” side of leading people through transitions. She designs and manages large-scale change projects and coaches individuals and teams in dealing with complex organizational challenges.

Before co-founding Hufano+Associates, Elise worked as an independent communications consultant, developing and implementing internal communications and public relations strategies for non-profit organizations and higher education institutions. She also designed and delivered facilitated events in Cap Gemini’s Accelerated Solutions Environment, a global business unit that supports Fortune 500 clients in resolving complex business issues through collaborative/creative work.

Elise is a certified executive coach and has been trained to work with both the Meyers Briggs Type Indicator and the Enneagram System of Personality Types.